who we are

 We are a team consisting of active members and friends, here are short biographies of a few of us.

Edna Martinez, studies photography and media arts at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. Also takes part in projects with a focus on curatorial practise and intercultural exchange between Latin America and Germany. Art Director of the magazine for contemporary Latin American literature and poetry in German alba lateinamerika lesen and writes for the blog yo lo vi ayer. She currently lives and works in Berlin, her website is: www.edna-martinez.com

Jorge Sanchez Di Bello studies art at the university Burg Giebichenstein Halle and is part of the class Bild/Raum/Objekt/Glas. Interested in sculptures and installations, he works with techniques like carving and materials like ceramics and glass. He gathered his first experiences with workshops for children and youth in his native Colombia. He also visited different cities in the Carribean, a culture that he very much appreciates.

Anita Thirkettle, grew up in the midst of an English-German family. Studied Latinamerian Studies, French Philology and Comparative Literature in Berlin. Founder of puentes mestizos e.V. and Theatralize Company, an editorial of dramaturgy that translates works from around the world into German. Currently she directs the Casa Colombo Alemana, where, in addition to teaching the language, she also runs a diverse cultural events calendar open to the general public.


Jan Wouterse, dutch-german, is aeronautic engineer by profession and has a strong interest for arts, cultures and music. After travelling through and living in Latin America, England and the United States he takes care of the puentes mestizos website amongst others.