our offer

We believe that artistic sensibility is part of every human being and that art is a universal language without barriers. That's why we are interested in strengthening communication and creative processes which bring cultures together and contribute to a respectful together and tolerance in our society.

We offer...

…to the community in general:

  • We create spaces of artistic exchange and dialogue which contribute to the fortification of a multicultural society.
  • We offer workshops of informal artistic education to all interested people.
  • We create alliances with public and private institutions to broaden the offer of informal artistic education at a worldwide level.

…to the artists:

  • We connect the artistic community and people interested in the arts through the organisation of events, and through publications and distribution of related information.
  • We create spaces for artists and anyone interested in the arts to share their knowledge with the community. By this we support the construction of social networks which will enrich your personal and professional experience. We promote this important work especially through puentes mestizos e.V.
  • For German artists who want to develop their work in Latin America we create and offer network of contacts with institutions, organisations and people who facilitate this exchange.
  • For Latin American artists we offer the possibility to promote their work in the German context, eliminating geographic and language barriers.

…to the institutions:

  • We organise workshops and artistic events in your institutions and take responsibility for the the promotion of the event through new media.